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Wolverton: Unlimited data plans offer boon to consumers

Published Friday March 10

Verizon and AT&T finally gave in last month and introduced all-you-can eat plans of their own.

Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group Verizon solutions specialist Vanessa Perez, right, talks to San Jose resident Mike Stuehler about his data plan at the Verizon store in San Jose on Tuesday.

| | Bay Area News Group

In the wireless industry, it’s back to the not limited future.

Years after 3 of the large 4 carriers ditched their not limited data plans, all the major companies are offering plans that promise users they can access the mobile internet as much as they’d like. Well, nice of. If you read the marvelous print, you’ll find that there are some notable limitations to the whole new so-called not limited plans.

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